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Deestinct Music provides music services (Teaching and Band) for individuals, groups, schools and the general public. Music services includes:
  • Teaching of music theory:  

We teach music theory for individual, schools, churches and groups and also prepare our clients for both internal and external music examinations.. contact us today by clicking HERE
  • Instrumental training and tutoring: 

We carry out trainings on various musical instruments such as violin, piano, guitar, drums, keyboards, flute, clarinet, saxophone, Recorder,for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. WE also prepare our students for both internal ad external practical examinations. contact us today by clicking HERE

  • The Deestinct Minstrels:

A group of prolific Singers and instrumentalists with a strong love for God and worship. it's all about God! Their mission is to make people experience true woship in God's love. Amongst them are Tseyi, MaryChord, SandraKaro, Sonia, etc.contact them today by clicking HERE
  • Online Promotion: 
we promote musical contents (music, trainings, workshops, lyrics, videos, etc) online. contact us today by clicking HERE

  • Sales of musical instruments and Accessories
Buy quality musiccal instruments, books and accessories from us..Visit us today by clicking HERE

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