Meet the Newly signed band of Deestinct Music Company- The PMPX


The band called PMPX 

Wondering what that means? Read on...

The Deestinct record label,a subsidiary of the Deestinct music company recently singned a group of five youngsters who came together to form the band, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT XPRESSION. Started as a group of friends coming together to create awesome music. Their relationship,belief of what they do gave birth to this unique assemble. wanting to take it further,decided to give the Deestinct music a try.

Here we are,presenting to you the amazing,super talented instrumentalists in pmpx.

Meet Amasowomwan Prosper a.k.a the TempesT. The aux pianist of the band and also leader of the pmpx. 

Meet Edetughu Courage a.k.a cubicDexterity. A bass player,Arranger and a Composer.

Meet Daniel David a.k.a Deedee. The drummer boy.

Meet Osawe Osasenaga Jeffrey a.k.a. Jeffnewstory. Main pianist of pmpx

Meet Uzu Victor a.k.a frettking, guitarist of the band.

Their debut cover song is set to release tomorrow 16th February. 

Subscribe to deestinct music on youtube to watch amazing videos. And to book the band for shows, contact us via +2348074298723 on whatsap.

Connect with us via our social media handles @ deestinct music and @pmpx_expression