New single by Adolestringst: Dutsen Ceto

Adolestrings, who goes by the name Godwin Gabriel, A writer and singer of the song “Overcome” is here again with another Spirit birthed and soul lifting song titled “Dutsen Ceto”.

Dusan Ceto basically implies Rock of my Salvation in Hausa dialect. The song is a soothing melody inscribed in English, Hausa and Idoma elucidating the Unchanging nature of God.

Guitarists have this aura for instilling the spirit of their songs on their audience, Adolestrings has obviously capitalized on that and has done a good job extolling the unchanging personality of God.

Though times are changing you never change 
Through ages past you are still the same 
Ancient of days brighter morning star 
Almighty God that is Who you are 

Dutsen Ceto na Ba Ka Chanza wa (Rock of my Salvation you do not change)

Echo Ogbogbeche age piabo no
(The Rock of Ages you will never change)

La la la la la 
La la la la la la 
La la la la la 
La la la la 

I am that I am you are still the same
The one who was and is and is to come 
Alpha and omega beginning and ending 
The Rock of Ages you remain the same

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