Sandra Karo - This Little Child Cover Audio + Video

Upcoming Nigerian Gospel Artiste Sandra Karo releases a Christmas cover titled ”This Little Child”. 
”This song is not the everyday kinda christmas jingle. Infact, not a lot of persons has heard this song but i connect with this song because it goes beyond just singing a song and not relating to it which is what most people do at christmas. Some of us have become so use to christmas, we no longer know the essence of it. I first heard this song 2007 thereabout and i never stopped thinking about the song. It reminds me that yes, Christ was born.. Why? It goes beyond his birth, he died and rose again and he's coming back. I don't want to ever separate all these cos you know that's a hope for me, I truely believe. I'm re_telling a story of love and hope. Just maybe someone out there will remember the things that our soon coming king said"
- Sandra Karo

The song was written by Scott Wesley Brown and its a song to reckon with.
Prod. By mynorkord

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Verse 1
Who would of tho't that long ago
So very far away
A little child would be born
And in a manger laid
And who would have tho't this little child
Was born the King of kings
The Son of just a carpenter
For whom the angels sing
And who would have tho't that as He grew
And with other children played
This child with whom they laughed and sang
Would die for them some day
And who would have tho't this little child
Could make a blind man see
Feed the hungry make rich the poor
And set the sinner free
Oh who would have tho't this little child
Was who the prophets said
Would take away the sins of man
And rise up from the dead
Chorus 1
O I believe and I will always sing
This little child is the King
O I believe and I will always sing
This little child
He is the King of kings
Verse 2
Many years have come and gone
Yet this world remains the same
Empires have been built and fallen
Only time has made a change
Nation against nation
Brother against brother
Men so filled with hatred
Killing one another
And over half the world is starving
While our banner of decency is torn
Debating over disarmament
Killing children before they're born
And fools who march to win the right
To justify their sin
Oh ev'ry nation that has fallen
Has fallen from within
Yet in the midst of this darkness
There is a hope a light that burns
This little child the King of kings
Some day will return
Verse 3
Who would have tho't this little child
Is who the prophets said
Will return to judge this world
The living and the dead
Oh can't you see that long ago
So very far away
This little child our only hope
Was born a King that day