let's take note of the following:
Two things that have no benefit in Music
1. Buying Musical Materials and not rehearsing.
2. Rehearsal without focus

Two things that entrench Rehearsal
1. Discipline
2. Practice Routine

Two things that destroy Musician
1. Wanting to be another person and not themselves
2. musical bad habit

Two things that destroy Improvisation
1. Absence of Repetitions
2. Absence of Sequences

Two things that destroy life of musicians
1. Pride
2. Unfaithfulness to their Fans/Audience

Two things that enhance Soloing
1. Listening to Great musicians repertoire
2. Chord tones

Two things that bring about misery to Musicians Repertoire
1. Bad marketing
2. Bad Sound Quality

Two things that bring about happiness to Musicians
1. Rehearsing :- it has no overdose
2. Patience

Two things that bring Musicians close to God
1.Reading the Holy Book
2. Abiding by Gods instructions

Two things that make devil to keep away from Musicians
1.Be God fearing
2. Avoiding selfishness

Two things that make you Stand out among others
1. Invest in your Musical Career
2. Never give up

Two things that God wants from Musicians
1.Appreciate your fans
2. winning souls.