Worship declaration2016

Worship Declaration (WD) is an interdenominational programme set up for the body of Christ for the sole purpose of declaring His majesty and glory to all nations with an intensive and indepth teaching on Worship for Music Ministers, Worship Leaders, Pastors, Worship Teams, Choirs, and Technical Crew dedicated to gaining the tools and skills necessary to effectively lead Worship in an ever changing world. You rilly want to be part of this life changing event. Worship declaration is to inspire, renew, and reinvigorate your passion for vision and fulfillment and to finally build and restore your RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.
It is scheduled to hold as follows:
  1. Friday 30th Sept 2016, Time: 12:00pm: An intensive Worship, Leading teaching (Seminar 4 Worship)
Facilitators: Don Moen, Alex Okoh & Lampe Omoyele
  1. Saturday, 1st Oct 2016 Time: 4:00pm : Worship Declaration concert: An Evening of Praise and Worship to our King.
Ministering: Don Moen, Latter House Family, Frank Edwards, Eben, Onos, Tosinbee, GForce, Damola Akiogbe, The Olives & Tribe of Asaph 
  1. Sunday, 2nd Oct 2016 Time: 9:00am: Don Moen Ministering during the Church Service
Hashtag: #WorshipDeclaration2016
Twitter: @Worshipde
Facebook: worshipdeclaration
Instagram: worshipdeclaration
Register: www.worshipdeclaration.com


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