There are four basic fundamental issues in the acquisition of vocal skills which must be thoroughly addressed before singing can produce its intended results. These are:
This has been described as the key to effective choral singing. It is the fountain from which all choral virtues spring. For singing to have its desired impact, clear pronunciation is very important
Clear pronunciation in this sense imply careful articulation of each word by the singer.
Every song has its message for the congregation, and if the singer who is supposedly the carrier of the message is not intelligible and meticulous in his pronunciation he will not be able to carry the congregation along.
To achieve this, we should emphasize consonants (without which, the entire structure of the lyrics will be flabby and meaningless. For example, if the word “cleft” is to sound cleft, it is not only the coloring of the vowel, but also the distinctness of the consonants L, F and T that will bring it out to sound so.
There cannot be effective vocal training without a well-managed breathing exercise.
Singing requires deep breathing because sound have to be sustained. The acceptable technique for breathing is inhaling air without raising the shoulders. This should be done for at least 10 minutes.
Proper interpretation of dynamics in a particular song is vital for vocal or choral excellence. In essence, one must know how to apply musical terms and dynamics in actual singing. Terms piano, allegro, forte etc.
It is pertinent to emphasize that singing requires a good posture in order to produce the desired result. The standing posture must be upright and vertical with straight legs and necks, the stomach flat. In a nutshell, the body must be erect, flexible and standard. Good posture aid breath control which is equally important to acquire vocal skill.
1. The meditative sober life of a singer
· Live in the consciousness of Christianity
· You r a minister, b sober and vigilant

2. Understanding what we sing
· You cant give what you don't have

3. Singing with expression and style
· Music is an art and should be performed
· Increase your musical vocabulary

4. The singer as an actor and a preacher
· Don't throw caution to d wind
· Outer actions indicate inward intents

5. Discipline: the one essential element of keeping close to God


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